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Friday, November 22, 2013

The Purpose for this Blog (1st revision)

Upon finding most of the reports surrounding the last Siege of Dammaaj falling short in consistency with the reality, we've opened this blog for the purpose of presenting comprehensive information from those who have firsthand knowledge of what happened. In turn this will aide those who seek to know the true facts.

The former Daarul Hadeeth Dammaaj Institute had an exceptional reputation in Yemen for indeed it is a center of knowledge and has been for over 40 years. Its people are known for their uprightness, integrity and a life dedicated to seeking beneficial knowledge. As for the Houthi Group it is well known they are a military rebellion movement that has fought six wars in rebellion to their own government.

We will make distinction from the facts and claims. The facts are undeniable truths that are backed by sound proofs. Claims are reports that are well known among the general people but its source is unclear. We will not waste the readers time will obviously false claims. Like those who say the war was over when it wasn't. This was totally untrue. As we were writing this brief introduction the Houthis were showering us with heavy artillery (mortar shells, tank fire, rapid heavy machine gun fire), firing at homes and the main Masjid periodically. 

We appeal to the All-Mighty to aide those oppressed and ask those who are able, to do what is upon them and stand up for justice against the various atrocities throughout the world because silence upon any evil without a legitimate excuse would be evil in itself.


Anonymous said...

Salams, I am a journalist and would like to talk to the some of the former students about what happened in Dammaj, and what is happening to them now.

Is there an email address I can contact you on?



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