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Friday, November 22, 2013

Pregnant woman killed by heavy artillery, Soldiers killed by houthi landmine (edited and picture added )

Yesterday the woman that was injured eventually died, may Ar-Rahman have mercy on her and accept her as a Shaheedah. The blast that killed her was from direct contact from heavy artillery (tank, canon, or mortar shell). Her name was Umm Masaakeen (Mother of the Deprived) As-Somaalia. She was recently married and was 2 months pregnant. She was staying at one of the emergency shelters for the women and children. She was very much beloved amongst the female students even the little girls that knew her are very sad.   

Add captionThe big hole is where the artillery hit that killed Umm Masaakeen. The smaller hole is from a previous time from 37mm anti-aircraft artillery.

Right after the blast that killed Umm Masaaakeen there was another explosion near a more crowded emergency shelter (maybe 500 or more women and children). This makes the third time in the last three or four days the houthis seem to have targeted the shelters for the women and children with heavy artillery.

Also a committee came with army officers. Two of the officers were heading towards an area of the houthis. The students were trying to warn the soldiers that the houthis have planted land mines in the area they wanted to go in, one of the two soldiers said to the other “don’t believe them they are liars.” They ignored the warning of the students and as a result one of the soldiers was killed instantly and the other lost his leg and eventually died from a land mine explosion.


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