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Thursday, December 12, 2013


1.    The students of Daarul Hadeeth Dammaaj are absolutely free from the ways of terrorism. Those who appear to have extremist jihadi or any other deviant destructive ideology are first advised then are asked to leave immediately then if not by force. Dammaaj was built on teaching and learning the correct belief system. So the proper Islaamic methodology is that the Muslim obeys the ruler and doesn’t rebel against him. The houthis have fought six wars in rebellion to the Yemeni Government.
2.   The houthis are upon the methodology of the extreme Shia’ Twelvers (Raafidhah) not the methodology of Zaidiyah as most reports state. This is because the creed they follow is the creed of the Raafidhah, so the labeling them Raafidhah is not for the purpose of insulting them. The heretical sects of the Raafidhah and the Baatiniyah have a well-documented history of fighting Al-Islaam in the name of Al-Islaam. Look at the books like Minhaaj As-Sunnah by Sheikh Al-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah and Al-Farq bayna Al-Firq by ‘abdul Qaahir Al-Baghdaadi.

3.   Foreigners have been coming to Dammaaj from different countries since the institute opened over 35 years ago. This is the first time in its history that the Dammaaj institute is being accused for recruiting “foreign Sunni fighters.” There is absolutely no proof for this claim. And we say bring your proof if you are indeed truthful. Now why would a man come with his whole family, sometimes with infants, to a come be a “Sunni Fighter???”

4.  The meaning of terrorism in brief according to the Encyclopedia Encarta: the deliberate creation and exploitation of fear for bringing about political change. All terrorist acts involve violence or—equally important—the threat of violence. These violent acts are committed by nongovernmental groups or individuals. Terrorist: Somebody using violence to intimidate others often for political purposes. The houthis are without a doubt a terrorist organization and probably some of the biggest criminals in the world in this day and time.

5.  U.S. Senator John McCain said in a visit to Yemen that the houthis had become a bigger threat than al-Qaeda.
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6.   The houthis slogan is “Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse be upon the Jews, the victory is for Islaam,” but yet they are known for tyranny and various criminal acts against the Muslims like; murder, extortion, theft, forcing children to fight in their wars, driving thousands away from their homes, etc.
 7.  Dammaaj has been under siege by the houthis three different times. Each time they find a new excuse to why they have implemented their illegal siege upon Dammaaj. They are not the government. Some say they are a government inside of a government.

8.  Those who are attacking Dammaaj have been spotted wearing official Yemeni Military uniforms.

9.   The Barraaqah is a mountain that completely over sees the institute. Sheikh Yahyaa Al-Hajoori (the head teacher in Dammaaj) agreed to surrender the mountain to the government on the condition that the soldiers to be stationed will be selected by the locals from Dammaaj (knowing they will select upright soldiers). For it is well known that there is corruption in the Yemeni Military from them those who cooperate with houthis.

10.  It is well known the houthis have ties to Iran.

11.  Salafist, Radical, Islamist, Extremist and the like are terms sometimes used unjustly. The houthis snipe day and night with 12.7 mm automatic machine guns and 37mm anti-aircraft gun (at human beings). But we have yet to see them labeled extremist or the like.

12. If the houthis would stop their attacks on Dammaaj, remove themselves from their illegal military positions surrounding Dammaaj, their unauthorized check points, disarmament of heavy artillery (some of it stolen or obtained illegally from the Yemeni Government), and return to being citizens of Yemen there would be no war. There has never been any kind armed offensive pursuit on the houthis from the students of Dammaaj.

13. This war is not a sectarian war as some may say. It may seem like this to one on the outside but in reality this siege is an act of terrorism from the houthis. This is not the only act of terrorism they have committed. They have a history of terrorism throughout Yemen for years. See the article "Saada a cry for help."

14.  We are under an illegal siege by the houthis and we are being attacked with heavy weaponry like: tanks, rockets, mortar shells, canons, anti-aircraft, 23 mm14.5mm, and 12.7mm artillery.

15. The amount of mortar shells the houthis have used so far in this current siege roughly estimates 2,000,000 U.S. dollars (this was in the beginning of the bombardment). This is only counting the mortars which they launch sometimes over 200 times in one day. The daily operation for the houthis here in Dammaaj is consistent sniper fire all day from various directions, constant shelling sometimes homes and periodically tank, canon, or rocket fire.

16.  Faris Mana'a (the illegitimate Governor of Saadah) is a houthi affiliate. He is from leaders of the Committee appointed to resolve the new Siege of Dammaaj. See his profilehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faris_Manna

17.  There were at least four tanks spotted on the day the bombardment began in this illegal attack and siege of the houthis. Some say up to six. The fact is that they used tanks on the Scholars, students and inhabitants of Dammaaj.

18. There is a total consensus amongst the Scholars of Al-Islaam, past and present, that the Raafidhah (an extreme sect of the Shia') are not from the Muslim Nation. There is NO disagreement in this matter what so ever.

19. There are a number of Yemeni Army barracks supplying provisions to the houthis.
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