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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ease-of-Fire rather than Cease-Fire

21st of Muharram 1435 / November 23, 2013:

Although the houthi’s tanks and canons have ceased for now, today is like every other day. Their snipers are still relentlessly shooting at the innocent even with the Joint Committee (the Presidential, the Congressional, and the General People’s Committee) present to affirm the cease fire.  

Three students were injured during an attempted ambush last night with grenades, bazookas, and machine gun fire from the houthis. 

One female student died due to the anxiety and the effects of the constant bombardment of the heavy weaponry used by the houthis. She needed immediate hospital treatment but the houthis refused her to leave. As a result she died, may Allah have mercy on her.

The houthis also denied the Joint Committee access to Dammaaj again today. 

Furthermore that white plane has been flying over Dammaaj since after the noon prayer (1pm) until now (5pm).


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