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Saturday, November 16, 2013

News Update 11/15/2013:

-The houthis launched mortar shells after the Friday sermon and prayer. This resembles their attack last week where a number were injured after the Masjid was hit by tank fire and an elderly man was killed by a mortar shell.  The houthis seem to wait for the large number of worshipers that gather on this day to leave the Masjid. Since the first day of attack the houthis have shown no distinction between male and female old or young big or small. The first siege an infant was killed by sniper fire in her father’s arms. They show absolutely no respect for human life or sacred religious buildings.

-A young boy (Ghaazi Al-Waadi’ee) was injured when he was hit in his leg by sniper fire in his home.   Also the brother Haydr Ar-Raymi was shot by sniper fire on his way to the masjid.

-A non-government intermediate came for a short while. We have seen no results from any committee so far. The houthis attack has been persistently untiring to this day. A number of students die and are injured every day. 


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