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Thursday, November 14, 2013

News Update (revised):

November 13, 2013:
Another day of tactical sniping. One of our elders was shot and killed by sniper fire. His name is Saaleh Al-Manna' ('Am Saaleh). He has been a supporter of the dawah since the time of Sheikh Muqbil. He was known for his piousness and strong nature as an elderly man. At the time of his murder he was fasting. May Allah accept him and the rest that have been murdered in this oppressive act of terrorism of the houthis as Shuhadaa, Ameen. 

November 12, 2013:
6 people were shot by sniper fire 2 died. One a young boy from the locals sitting with his friends in the morning.

November 11, 2013:
An 8 year old girl named Sarah was shot by sniper fire as the Presidentially Committee were present. The doctor said after being shot in her leg the bullet took away a large piece of her bone. Her father said she was picking sidr berries from the sidr tree with another child. This is a past time for children here. When the berries appear the children gather and one throws a shoe or some object to the tree to make the berries fall. When they fall the children race frantically to get as many berries as they can. Most people think it’s safe to roam when the Presidential Committee comes. Many have been shot and sometimes murdered when they (the committee) or the red cross comes. The houthis are known for deliberately sniping at women and children.

Later that night the Presidential Committee were meant to station soldiers on the mountains to implement a cease fire. Some sort of altercation occurred between the Committee and the houthis. It is not clear what happened afterwards. Inshaa Allah we will follow-up this story and get some clarity.


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