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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

November 06, 2013  5.30 pm

A Presidential Committee came to Dammaaj before the noon prayer. It was said they were from the Army and the Ministry of Defense of Yemen. The houthis shot with sniper fire two people while the committee was present. Just as they murdered a student by a single sniper shot to his forehead while the International Committee of the Red Cross were present 3 days ago. Also after the Presidential Committee left the houthis shot a mortar shell at the entrance of the Masjid, shot tank artillery at one of the student’s house and just now they a shot a rocket. We could hear the rocket coming as we were writing this. We don’t know if anyone was hurt. May Allah the Protector guard us and give us a good state. We wait patiently for the Yemeni Government to truly intervene. May Allah give them success and rectify their affair.


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