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Friday, November 29, 2013

Response to an inconsistent and false report: Son of Salafi leader killed in Dammaj fighting

Published on 27 November 2013 
Rammah Al-Jubari (author)
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“The Houthis are a group of Zaidi Shiites who have completely controlled Sa’ada governorate, which includes Dammaj, since 2011.”
The houthis took control over Sa’dah by force (war, theft, corruption, etc.). Not by upright politics. This is a fact. Our proof is our current siege and war.

“Several truces have been signed by both parties since the fighting broke out in late October through a presidential committee assigned to mediate the conflict.”

The houthis have absolutely no right to initiate a siege on us or anyone else, THEY ARE NOT THE GOVERNMENT. But the houthis remained and remains to this day in their illegal military positions surrounding the institute in Dammaaj with their snipers sniping at anything that moves. All of this after bombarding a Muslim society with heavy artillery(tanks and rocket, mortar shells, etc) that should be illegal for any non-government entity to possess. Causing major damage to Mosques and homes.

“The Salafis informed the presidential committee it was not operating neutrally, and its presence was not welcomed in Dammaj,” said Soroor Al-Wadaei, the Salafis’ spokesperson.
The houthis continued their attack on the Institute whilst the committee were present. There were a number of deaths and injuries that occurred during the committees presence.

“Meanwhile, Ali Al-Bukhaiti, a National Dialogue Conference representative for the Houthis, blamed the Salafis for violating an agreement engineered by the presidential committee, saying they did not abandon their armed posts on Jabal Al-Baraqa, a large mountain that overlooks Dammaj.”
This is  untrue.  It was already agreed by all parties that no one has the right to make the people of Dammaaj negotiate for a mountain that is on land that belongs to them. The institute and the locals agreed to surrender the mountain to upright army personnel that are not houthi affiliates knowing there is corruption in the Yemeni military.

“Abu Ausba, the head of the presidential committee tasked with negotiating with both parties, said they are working to find common ground but facing resistance from both parties.”
Again this is untrue. How do people who are being affected by an act of terrorism (siege and attack) resist help from the government? In the beginning of the siege when we would hear the government is coming, we would all run to the entrance of the Institute to greet them with hope that they would help us.  When the committee members came we noticed the discontentment in their faces not even giving the Islaamic greeting to their brothers (us). When they would leave they would say to us get back to your homes quickly (knowing the houthis were going to continue their assault). Our hearts were saddened to see that they had no real interest in helping us (this was clear from the beginning).  

“The Houthis started to move toward the Salafi strongholds after the Salafis refused to evacuate Jabal Al-Baraqa,” he said, referring to the unwillingness of both sides to put their arms down.
Do we call a person’s home a stronghold? Do we say to a person being attacked in his home to put his arms down so the attacker can attack? Everyone has the inherited right of self-defense. WE ARE UNDER SIEGE AND ARE BEING ATTACKED BY TERRORIST approximately fifty or more days now. The houthis are known perpetrators of crimes of peace and humanity throughout Yemen. This is where those who so called are seeking a peaceful solution (the government, the media, etc.) have failed us. Turning a blind eye to the criminality that the houthis are known for and at the same time making Dammaaj and its students seem like we are militants or some kind of al-Qaeda affiliate. By Allah this distortion of the truth, false reports, and the making similarties between the oppressed and the oppressor are a great oppression upon us (our Scholars, teachers, students, callers to Islaam, researchers, authors, memorizers of the Holy Qur’aan, memorizers of the authentic Prophetic Hadeeth, etc.). And Allah is sufficient as a Witness.


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