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Tuesday, November 05, 2013
 e-mail to the editor@yemenpost.net and Replys

May Allah grant you success to report the facts of the situation in
Dammaaj. This our third siege from the houthis. Yesterday a Sheikh
Kamaal Al-Adeni was killed by a b-10 cannon. He has numerous books and
works to the benefit of the Muslim Ummah. What have the Houthis
contributed to this country except bloodshed.

Since we dont have trusted sources in Dammaj, Please send us pictures and videos of the violations and we will be more than happy to report on it. But we do need videos or pictures sent by email so that ball is in your court.

Understood. As for today the Presidential Committee came along with
the Red Cross. Shots were fired from the Houthis (at least two from
their snipers no one was hurt). It should be known that if the Houthis
lift their siege of Dammaaj (now for the third time) and remove their
presence from here there would be no war! This is a fact.
Pictures to come soon inshaa Allah.

Today two rockets were shot from the houthis. They usually break the
peace and tranquility we have here every day with a sudden mortar
explosion,  today they upgraded to rockets. Our children ask what do
they want from us?

Hard to upload pictures the connection here is bad but we'll still
try. You can go to www.aloloom.net for the latest updates. Inshaa
Allah these brothers fear Allah and are trust worthy. May Allah reward
you. Keep us in your dua.

In the site there are no pics or videos, though there are a lot of claims. I am surprised they can't upload pics if they can upload a news story.
This is why it is very difficult to report the incidents of Dammaj. 


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