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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Up to date:

18th Muharram 1435/November 20, 2013: Presidential Committee refused again
The houthis continue their relentless attack with at least one tank, mortar shells, and sniping throughout the day and night. The Presidential Committee was refused entry once again by the houthis.

17th Muharram 1435/November 19, 2013: No cease fire! Main Masjid attacked again with tank artillery and mortar shells.
The houthis resumed their attacks, today on the main Masjid again with tank artillery and mortar shells and as usual at the time of prayer and lesson. Two homes of the students were also hit with mortar shells. Both homes had families living in them. One home was a host to five families due to the overcrowding of the bomb shelter for the women and children.

We never seem to see any positive results after a committee comes and leaves although we are very glad to see them. All the committees that have come so far say the same thing: “We’re going to order a cease-fire, the houthis will come down off the mountains surrounding Dammaaj and we will place official Army soldiers on the mountains to affirm the cease-fire.” It seems that the houthis assault only intensifies after the committee leaves. Previously a soldier that accompanied the Committee urged us to return to our homes quickly as they (the Committee and their soldiers) were leaving. Meaning they knew the houthis were going to resume their attacks after they left. The only ones seem to be doing their job is the ICRC

In summary, in this siege that’s been going on for over forty days now, the houthis have repeatedly attacked and caused destruction to the Mosques of Dammaj, attacked the Muslims at prayer times killing some and injuring many, numerous children murdered and are starving and restless due to constant firing of the snipers and the mortar shells, etc., and the Yemeni Government has done nothing so far. We also want to make note that the houthis have repeatedly refused the Presidential Committee and the Red Cross entry into Dammaaj.

16th Muharram 1435/November 18, 2013: Another Commmittee???
A Congressional Committee along with the previous Presidential Committee came and said there will be a cease-fire in effect tomorrow afterwards they will station soldiers on the mountains surrounding Dammaj. This is in according to a cease-fire agreement supposedly made where the houthis agreed to remove themselves from their illegal stations and the Barraaqah Mountain stays as is (ownership of the locals which in-turn is a part of the Institute). 
15th Muharram 1435/November 17, 2013: Our white plane again.
A number of students from the locals killed and injured in a canon attack as they were preparing to eat lunch. We spotted the white plane again around 4pm . We could hear it flying even during the night.


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