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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Update from yesterday:

-A group from the houthis disguised themselves as special security officers from the Yemeni government and abducted eight injured foreign students from a military hospital in San’aa. After numerous attempts to contact the students, their condition is still unknown. One of them is a U.S. citizen. One of the students that still remain in the hospital said he has been interrogated profusely by security officials from the Yemeni government and most of the students have not been attended to properly. He also said the administration of the hospital are houthi affiliates.

-Another young boy from the locals was murdered by sniper fire. He was killed after the bullet passed through the upper body of his older sister then through his neck.

- Also the Joint Committee has been promising (amongst their many empty promises) to recover the bodies of some of the students that have been left for approximately a month or more now in an area close to Masjid Uthmaan bin ’Aafaan called Masaadeer. The students were killed after the beginning of the bombardment of the heavy artillery began. The bodies number to around forty or more. We are unable to retrieve them because the houthis have taken over that part of Dammaj and have more than likely planted land mines in the area (something they are well known for).


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