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Monday, December 16, 2013

Update 13 Safr 1435h: The Aftermath of the houthi Attack from yesterday

Once more the houthis began yet another all-out assault on Dammaaj with their usual heavy to smaller artillery and sniping throughout the area of the Markaz, hitting the Masjid and some of the student’s homes. It was very unsafe to walk anywhere at the time of the attack. Men were rushing to get their families out of their homes knowing they are targeted by the houthis. The area near the emergency shelter for the women and the children also came under fire again. Yesterday’s attacks of the houthis left 2 students dead and approximately 32 injured.

This student's home was hit while his family was in the house.

It went through his neighbor's house and then his. This is the damage caused by the 37mm anti-aircraft gun the houthis use frequently.
So the question is, where does this vile terrorist group get a seem to be; an unlimited supply of ammunition, the variety of weapons they use and countless number of man-power for this war in a country that is supposed to be poor? Are the houthis being supplied by government sources? Who is behind this wicked plot that has claimed the lives of thousands and has caused many children to be orphans?

            ﮅﮆ                 الشورى: ٢٤
And Allah wipes out falsehood, and establishes the truth (Al-Islaam) by His Word (this Qur'aan). Verily, He knows well what (secrets) are in the breasts (of mankind). {42:24}

                 ﮘﮙ                الزمر: ٧
Then to your Lord is your return, and He will inform you what you used to do. Verily, He is All-Knower of that which is in (men's) breasts. {39:7}


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