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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Update 15,16 Safr 1435h: Tribal Gathering this Friday

Today we buried our beloved brother Khaalid As-Sanaafi. A day before his murder a companion of his said he will invite him to eat the next day Khaalid said, "invite me today because tomorrow I will be traveling (die a Shaheed). The next day (yesterday) he was murdered by a houthi sniper. Another one of his companions was unable to reach Khaalid before he was murdered to tell about a dream he had of him. Khaalid's companion said he had a dream that there were two extremely beautiful women looking for him (Khaalid). May Allah accept him and the rest as Shuhadaa.

The white surveillance plane has been very busy these last few days even at night. Its flying over us now as we hear artillery fire from a tank or cannon.

These last few days have been fairly quiet (sniping and occasional shelling). So some of us were able to return home with our families for good night’s sleep . Many of the students had to abandon their homes due to the random shelling and sniping of the houthis. One would sit in his house all day and night in fear supplicating to Allah not knowing when a tank, cannon, mortar or bullet would come through the house and kill someone as has happened many times so far. 

This quietness may be due to the called gathering of the tribes of Yemen this Friday to end this obvious act of terrorism on more than 15,000 people. Many people criticize the tribal way in Yemen but they (the tribes) seem to be the only ones who have acted in accordance to Islaam in this destructive act of the houthis. By way of helping the oppressed against the oppressor, answering the call of ones brother in need of help, etc. While government officials and the media sit silent twisted up in the lies and the deception of the houthis, damaging political methods and destructive ulterior motives. As one houthi spokesman says in an interview that there is no blockade the people coming and going for food in Dammaj only weapons. So I guess we are imagining this whole thing! It seems that government officials and the media have very little knowledge when it comes to The Deen (Religion) of Al-Islaam. This is just as harmful to us as the houthis. To this day they are not able to make distinction between the oppressed and the oppressor. THIS IS A CLEAR WAR ON AL-ISLAAM. The Methodology of the Muslim is to help the oppressed against the oppressor by stopping the actions of the oppressor. But what we have seen so far is the opposite.

This is the aftermath of the first tank attack on the Main Masjid in Dammaaj. The only one who died in this attack was an elderly man who was known for sitting in his same spot everyday reading Qur'aan. This picture illustrates the clear war against Islaam of the houthis.

Our Advice to you oh our Muslim brother in Islaam from the Government and the Media:
Ibn Mas’ood, one of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad said:
He heard a man saying, “He who does not order that which is good and forbid what is evil, is condemned.” Ibn Mas’ood replied, “He whose heart does not know the difference between good and evil is condemned.”

The Renowned Scholar Ibn Rajb said in his explanation of this Athar of Ibn Mas’ood:
Ibn Mas’ood pointed out that the heart’s knowledge of good and evil actions is obligatory from which no one is excused from. Therefore, he who does not know the difference (between good and evil) will be destroyed.”


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