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Friday, December 27, 2013

Update 24 Safr 1435: More injured students die, houthis apprehend and imprison Special Forces Commander

Day 80: 
192: Shuhadaa 565: Injured

Today the houthis again cowardly shot cannon artillery at the main Masjid after the Jum'ah Prayer knowing that crowds would be leaving the Masjid. The houthi snipers were shooting rounds at the Masjid during the khutbah. At least one student was injured

Yesterday we buried our brother Bilaal Al-Abyani and today we buried Farhaan As-Sumaali Ad-Daaroodi who had been awaiting treatment for two weeks with an injury to his growing area.. They were both injured in the last few attacks from the houthis.  When the houthis attack they launch dozens and dozens of grenades either by hand or some kind of grenade launcher. 

To this day the ICRC, reports and others say they are being prevented from entering Dammaaj by the houthis. 

Also yesterday the houthis apprehended and imprisoned Commander Khaalid 'Aqlaan of a Battalion from the Special Security Forces in Sa'dah
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