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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Update: From the attack yesterday

Yesterday the houthis began and assault that started around 4pm and lasted up until about 9pm. Four students were killed and around six injured. One of them being Sheikh abdur Rahman Al-Ghayaani. the students were lined up to see Sheikh abdur Rahman as he had a clear smile on his face and a strong smell of musk (perfume) that was coming from him (thus from the signs of a Shaheed).

We ask where is the Yemeni Government, the U.N., the NDC that was put together to straighten the problems in Yemen, the various Muslim organizations established in the name of helping the Muslim especially in times of need, and all the rest of humanitarian organizations that function in the name defending human rights, etc.??? Are we not human? How do those considered to be rebels in their country possess the variety and amount of weapons and artillery they possess and they are not reprimanded is some way. 

All we have seen so far throughout this siege and attack on us is the encouragement to establish this criminal terror group. By way of those in charge of governmental affairs twisting the reality by making the attacker and the attacked as if they are the same by saying the war should be stopped from both sides, never mentioning the fact that we are in a siege while being bombarded with heavy artillery and false reports from news agencies that seem to be houthi influenced. The silence of these entities leads us to believe that this was a designed plan against the Muslims of Dammaaj. We ask Allah for His Mercy

ﭱ  ﭲ  ﭳ  ﭴ  ﭵ  ﭶ  ﭷ  ﭸ  ﭹ   ﭻ  ﭼ  ﭽ  ﭾﭿ  ﮀ  ﮁ  ﮂ  ﮃ   ﮄ  إبراهيم: ١٢

And why should we not put our trust in Allah while He indeed has guided us in our ways? And we shall certainly bear with patience all the hurt you may cause us, and in Allah (Alone) let those who trust, put their trust." [014:012]


Anonymous said...

Asalaamu a'alaykom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatoh

Peace and blessing be upon Mohamad his family and upon his companions

to proceed

Dear brother in the way of ALLAH Subhanah do not take the path of our syrian brothers who have called out and wondered where the international community was in their times of strife. They found out that the world has left them and they had none but ALLAH. They realized this much later in their calamity. You who are students of knowledge May ALLAH make you stand firm upon what you are on from Truth and increase you in faith and patience. Ask not of where the world is for you have the Quran in your hearts and the sunnah of our noble prophet peace be uopn him and the ways of the companions may ALLAH Subhanah be pleased with them. Remember the great battles they fought with but a few and inferior weapons compared to Rome and the Fars...yet with Iman and patience they strove and ALLAH Subhanah gave them victory. You have ALL that you need in your hearts and minds and hands. Make istighfaar night and day untill your hearts and mouths almost burst, ask, beg ALLAH Subhanah with all the KNOWLEDGE and Faith of Tawheed in the last parts of the night. Call out that ALLAH destroys them where they stand, their weapons, that HE Sends His Slaves to destroy them be them little or large. Remember who you are and who you follow and what you are upon..Remember Remember and Remind others. A hundred or thousand Muslims upon the correct creed are better and closer to victory then a thousand thousand men with superior weapons. I don't speak of sufi like hope. I speak of Hope and Trust the way the SALAF had and especially the sahaba (May ALLAH Subhnah be pleased with them). Please do not take me for arrogant or not feeling what you are going through, and i tell you with a fact i may not be able to withstand that which you go through each day...however the reminder benefits the believers...
Remember the power of DUA al mathloum (the supplication of the oppressed) for verily there is no barrier between them and ALLAH Subhanah.

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