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Monday, December 02, 2013

Update of the state of affairs: Muslim unite against houthi terrorist,Yemeni Army officers put in prison by houthis

Our recent days have been the same, for the most part, constant sniping at anyone the houthi snipers see, machine gun fire, occasional loud explosions during the day and the late hours of the night. It’s like Sheikh Yahyaa said that the houthis have turned our tranquil Muslim society into the liking of a jungle of wild beasts (meaning the amount of deaths and injuries daily). Sheikh Yahyaa also spoke about the daily life in Dammaaj. A place where you can easily find hundreds of students reviewing Qur’aan some review up to four to five Juz after the Morning Prayer as a daily routine. Alhamdullilah we have regained a sense of our serenity back even though there are still a number of deaths and injuries occurring every day. By the Mercy of Allah and His Generosity the heavy artillery and long attacks by the houthis has lessened for now.

We also thank our Muslim  brothers from all over Yemen for coming to our aid. For they are fulfilling their obligation to their Lord by coming to the assistance and aid of their brothren in Deen and their families. There are approximately 15,000 people who reside in the village of Dammaaj that live under this act of terrorism of the houthis. After patiently waiting upon the immense and immeasurable attacks upon Dammaaj and going through the proper channels to make peace, those from the noble tribes of Yemen blocked off the roads of the houthis and are now fighting their way to Dammaaj. May the All-Mighty make them successful.

Also two days ago the houthis kidnapped some of the Yemeni Army officers that were stationed in Dammaaj by the Presidential Committee and put them in prison. They were released and they vowed not to involve themselves in the siege going on in Dammaaj again.


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