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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Update 6 Rabee' Awwal 1435h: the houthis continue their Attacks on the Main Masjid during the Prayer

Day 91:

Yesterday three students were martyred by houthi sniper fire. All of them shots to the head. abdul Rahman Al-Haymi, Hudhayfah Al-Hudhayfah, and Faaiz Al-Ba'daani.

Also yesterday, the committees from the Government and the Tribes were finally able to get through the houthis to the Markaz with the ICRC. They transported 35 injured students to Sa'naa by air from Sa'dah. Some students were not able to go due to the lack of space. During this time the houthis continued to fire rounds randomly at places other than where the ICRC were. On the way out of Dammaaj the houthis obstructed the ICRC cars at their check point in Khaaniq (right outside Dammaaj) for over an hour. They search them vigorously, harassed them and took pictures of the students.

We are still waiting on the retrieval of the 38 or more students that are in an area that the houthis invaded (Masaadeer). This occurred before in the first siege. There were 21 students who needed to be recovered. After a long drown out negotiation with the houthis they agreed to let tribal leaders to retrieve the bodies. The ICRC said there were not able to get a guarantee that the houthis will not attempt to shot at them. Which is why the tribal leaders had to retrieve the students bodies. When the bodies returned we could clearly see that their faces had been disfigured. The doctors who work in Dammaaj (some of them students of knowledge here) said their faces had been disfigured with some sort of acid or other chemical.

As early as 1am this morning the houthis began to bombard the Masjid, its surrounding areas and the house of Sheikh Yahyaa with heavy mortar shells, tank and cannon artillery. Some counted as many as 21 mortar shells during the night. There were no deaths but some injuries from them Sheikh Abdul Wahhaab Ash-Shameeri (one of the teachers here also considered to be a judge) and some of his children suffered minor injuries from shrapnel.

This is the blast to the Masjid that caused Sheikh abdul Wahhaab and some of his children to be injured.

Today at the time of the Mid-Day Prayer (Thuhr) the houthis began firing tank and cannon artillery at the Masjid. Simultaneously firing their anti-aircraft weaponry. All of this while the Muslims were in prayer. Al-Hamdulillah no one was injured. 

Right now it is 11p.m. here and the houthis are doing as they do every night play their usual noise on their loudspeakers and shoot randomly. For those who don't know Dammaaj is a very peaceful village in the middle of mountains (mountains that the houthis seek to control to control us). Before this siege and war there is usually total silence at night even at times during the day. For example we can hear a person's door opening and closing from afar. 

We ask Allah to remove and keep the invading houthis far away from us and return us to our previous state of peace and serenity.


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