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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Update10 Safr 1435h: Day 94 (yesterday)

Day 94:

Yesterday we buried Umm Ahmad Al-Hajjiyah along with two other students (Muhammad Al-Jazaa'iri and Muhammad Al-Ibbi). Her husband was killed in the tank attack on the Masjid in the Mazraa’ that killed many students during the prayer in the early part of this atrocity. Afterwards Umm Ahmad suffered a miscarriage when the houthis lunched rocket artillery that landed near her home. From continuous bleeding, sadness and the severity of our conditions she eventually past. Umm Ahmad leaves us as one who has memorized the Holy Qur'aan. As many of those students that have past were and some of the best mannered and most studious of people, by Allah the best of people. We ask Allah to except her, her husband and the rest of our beloved fellow students as Shuhadaa. 

Also yesterday approximately 3:50 p.m. the houthis began shelling the Masjid and its surrounding area again. This is all after a cease-fire agreement has been made. Sheikh Yahyaa agreed and signed to all terms proposed to him by the Government (thus the Methodology of the Muslim is to obey the ruler). There is a claim that Sheikh Yahyaa said if the President wants us to close the institute we will.


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