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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Good News: Online Islamic radio from darul hadeeth students.

السلام عليكم

To listen n download the shows  search "ahsanqawl" in Google or follow the link.

click here

Software available for apple and android.                                                                                                           The 10 upcoming online talks in Ahsan Qawl
1.importants of learning
2.holding on to the Sunnah
3.holding on
to the manhajussalaf
4.tawheed (oneness) of
5.importants if learning Arabic
6.making journey in seeking ilm.
7.ijtihaad(striving) in ilm and ibaada
8.the dawa of the messengers & salafs
9.avoiding hizbiyyah and
10.istiqaama(firmness) ان شاء الله

if any one wants to get updates of online talks
send a "Add Me Ahsan Qawl" message to +967 714329306 in watsapp.

visit for more.



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