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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Audio: Guidelines for the Approach of the month of Ramadhaan

This is an address from Sheikh Abu 'Amr Al-Hajoori translated by the Noble brother Abu Mu'aawiyah Mustafa Al-Amreeki - may Allah have mercy on him. The Sheikh gives us some valuable guidelines as to how the Muslim should approach the blessed month of Ramadhaan. 

Sheikh Abu Amr Al-Hajoori is from the Scholars of what was Daarul Hadeeth Dammaaj institution. He now resides with the rest of institution in San'aa the capital of Yemen.  He continues to teach his lessons and give Dawah in the busy capital. The Sheikh is currently teaching lessons in Aqeedah and the Science of Hadeeth. May Allah reward the Sheikh for his percerverance and love for knowledge. 

Abu Mu'aawiyah Mustafa Al-Amreeki was from the best examples of a Muslim, student of knowledge and a human being. He was well known for his diligence in his studies, teaching and extreme generosity among his other lofty qualities. He leaves behind five children and a widow which three of his children are from.

There is doubt that his body was ever recovered. He and over forty other students were left for more than forty days in which the houthi terrorist prevented the Red Cross and others from recovering their bodies. The last houthi invasion and siege on Daarul Hadeeth Dammaaj lasted 104 days in which the students were brutally attacked in a military type assault. 207 students were murdered and 610 were injured by heavy artillery and relentless marksman like sniper fire.

We ask Allah to accept those students who were murdered oppressively as Shuhadaa and to heal our wounded 


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