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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Update of the Crisis in Sri Lanka

From what was reported from Sheikh 'abdul Hameed (who is still in Sri Lanka) and some of the students from Sri Lanka:

-The crisis started from some sort of dispute between a High Buddhist Priest riding in a car and Muslims pedestrians.

-In the beginning the Muslims were restricted to the Masaajid by the Police while Buddhist Extremist burned the houses and stores of the Muslims. It was said approximately 300 houses and 300 stores were burnt.

- It was said that the Buddhist are armed and the Muslims are not. The curfew was imposed on the Muslims. The Muslims are at least partly under siege.

-A forty day old baby was murdered by one of the terrorist from the Buddhist Extremist.

-The men have started to attack and beat up the women.

-One student from Bangladesh said it is similar to the terrorism that occurred upon the Muslims in Burma where it was said that the Buddhist Extremist would take the Muslim babies and burn them on stakes. 

Inshaa Allah we will try to keep readers updated about this tragedy upon mankind. Please make dua for the Muslims in Sri Lanka 


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