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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Ahsan Qawl Islaamic Internet Radio: "The Day of 'Arafah"

“The Day of 'Arafah”

{abdur Rahman Al-Ghayaani}

This is a brief description of the Day of 'Arafah and its rights by our Beloved Brother Abu Abdullah abdur Rahman Al-Ghayaani - may Allah have mercy upon him -.

This lecture was delivered at the Hajj Conference of 1434 to Masjid Al-Imaam Muqbil in London via teleconference and was introduced by our Noble Brother Abu Mu'aawiyah Mustafa Al-Amreeki - may Allah have mercy upon them both - he and the speaker were martyred by the oppression of the Raafidah in Yemen during the last siege of Daarul Hadeeth Dammaaj.

After abdur Rahman’s body was recovered the students stood in line to witness the amazing sight of abdur Rahman smiling from ear to ear and a very strong smell of musk perfume coming from him. We ask Allah the One Who is Able to Do all things to Accept them both as a Shaheed.

The lecturer, abdur Rahmaan Al-Ghayaani, was from the senior foreign english speaking students in Dammaaj and was well known for being consistent in reciting the daily Hadeeth memorized by students aloud in the Al-Bukhari and Jaami'As-Saheeh lessons and his inspirational advice that he would give to the students.

Listening to this lecture brings tears to the eyes as we are sure it will to all those who know him, however we remind ourselves and everyone else with that which has been reported by Al-Laalikaa’i on the authority of Mu'tamir bin Sulaiman- may Allah have mercy upon him - said:

I entered upon my father and I was heartbroken.
He said: What is with you?
I said: My friend passed away.
He said: Did he die upon the Sunnah?
I said: Yes
He said: Do not fear for him then.

Al-Laalikaa’i  1/67/61


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