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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Claim turns out to be Fact #19: houthis get support from within the Yemeni Military

The Exposing of the Yemeni Military's support and provisions provided by Brigadier General of Army Brigade 117 to the houthi group in Sa'dah

English Translation:
An officer from 117 Mashaa Brigade in the province of Sa’dah, North Yemen exposed the secret dealings of its affiliated General with the armed houthi military unit as well as supplying them with their needs from within the Army barracks such as tents and military equipment (tools and the likes).

The source who asked that his name and position remain anonymous elucidated whilst speaking to Sa’dah Online that on Saturday 14th of December 2013 'Ali Al-Hayaani general of the 117 Mashaa Brigade alongside Yahya Al-Hanoof in charge of state of affairs at the barracks supplied one of the houthi leaders with tents and military equipment specific for the army barracks after orders given by the houthi leader and second in charge Abu 'Ali Al-Hakeem all before the eyes and ears of those affiliated with the brigade.

All this to cover their requirements needed in the Madhaab district by Alaa Amar which the houthis have adopted as a solace for those killed during their recent onslaught and transgression on Dammaaj.

The source added that many of the general soldiers and generals were stricken with great rage by the actions of the Brigadier General, angrily asking one anther, "How is he aiding the houthis in order that they cover the requirements of their solace, those commissioned to kill the innocent as opposed to helping the oppressed people of Dammaaj who it is an obligation for us to protect? It is as if they (the houthis) are his generals."

He also said, "After we saw him today we can never deem it strange that he aids them again someday or another with weaponry and ammunition helping them to launch attacks against the innocent of Sa’dah in addition kill soldiers and Army Generals in Sa’dah as has happened in the past, if he hasn't already helped upply them previously."

In concluding his statement the source demanded from the command of the Ministry of Defense and the Army reassurance upon legal intercourse as well as undertaking what is obligatory upon them for the apparent treachery to the Yemeni Government and its contract of obeying commands.that occurred and that is still occurring from the Army Generals in its Army’s leadership.


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ALLAH is great.help of ALLAH come very soon inshaallah

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