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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Update 21 Safr 1435h: Day 77 of the houthi's war on Al-Islaam and the Muslims

Day 77: 

This last week has been somewhat calmer. There is an occasional fire from heavy artillery but the houthi snipers are still relentless. Still there are students being killed and injured daily. Every night, all hours of the night, the houthis blast their speeches and music on loud speakers from different directions sometimes simultaneously.  

Yesterday we buried a young boy named Mu'aad An-Nakha'i. He was murdered by a shot from a houthi sniper to his head . Today we buried another young boy Hamza As-Sumaali Ad-Daaroodi. He was killed by shrapnel that went into his head. Two other students were injured at and around the time Hamza was injured. 

The white surveillance plane that has been hovering over us since before the first siege has been very busy these last 5 or 6 days. Usually keeping a schedule starting after about 4p.m. until 7 to 8p.m. Also a appeared to be military helicopter was spotted flying over yesterday.

 It is said that the houthis are planning a big hujoom (attack). They have recently built a station for their tank in one of the mountainous areas that surround the Markaz (the institute).  It is said they they want to attack the main Masjid and maybe even they will attack the shelters for the women and the children which they have done throughout this siege.

There has been an increase in the fierce fighting between some of the prominent Tribes of Yemen and the houthis. Particularly the former Presidential candidate Hussein Al-Ahmar from the tribe of Hashid. In general the people of the Sunnah from the tribes and other than them in Yemen are well aware of the reality of the of houthis. It is known that they are a heretical militant terrorist group who fight Al-Islaam in the name of Al-Islaam and are the perpetrators of various criminal acts upon the people of Yemen. The people have chose to follow that which Al-Islaam orders and to aid their brothers in Dammaaj. Not as many misinterpret that this is a sectarian war or some type of power struggle. This is simply an act of terrorism that many have chose to keep quiet about. Many of the Yemenis believe that it is some sort of outside pressure or influence that has subdued the Yemeni Government and are preventing them to aid in any way.

There is a total concensus amongst the Scholars of Yemen, many of the Scholars of Saudia who are aware of this crisis and the Tribes of Yemen for jihaad (struggle) against the oppression and tyranny of the houthis.


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