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Friday, December 20, 2013

Inconsistent Report: Yemen: Parties to conflict must protect prisoners and wounded and sick

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Why is the ICRC not telling the whole story? We have valued and appreciated their efforts up to this point in this atrocity. There are no injured houthis being held in Dammaaj, rather it is the severely injured students in Dammaaj that are dying as they wait on the ICRC. Every day we are told that the ICRC are trying to get in to Dammaaj but the houthis are preventing them. We had to manually pump air into one student for over a week before he finally died. One student was murdered by sniper fire from the houthis right in front of the ICRC. Again why are they not telling the whole story? Is this acceptable that the ICRC are trying to get to the injured in Dammaaj and they are prevented by the houthis? The ICRC’s address should be directed towards the houthis who are totally guilty of what they are accusing not as they have said "parties." We are total under siege and there is no way for us to prevent the ICRC or any other government official. It is known when officials come here they are treated as our guest with respect. We are still waiting on the promise of the government to have the ICRC retrieve the 40 plus bodies of students that have been left for the dogs to eat for more than a month now.


Thuriayaa said...

إن الله معكم يا أخواتي... الحمد لله على كل حال.

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