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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Inconsistent Report: "Dammaj copes with a lack of shelter, food and medicine"

Published on 26 November 2013
Rammah Al-Jubari (author)

“Both groups have set up checkpoints around the area, preventing the transport of basic supplies.”   
If this journalist intends that the students of knowledge in Dammaaj have set up checkpoints then this is a clear misrepresentation of the truth. What further clarifies this is the simple question; how can the residents of Dammaaj set up check points when they are the ones under siege and constant attack? 

“A presidential committee has been unsuccessfully trying to settle the fighting in the area.”
This is very true.  And the houthis have been the reason behind this to the extent that the houthis have even murdered students whilst the Presidential Committee was present in Dammaaj!  The houthis have also raised loaded weapons in the faces of some of the members of this Presidential Committee.  Then again what do you expect from this malicious faction who has waged war against the Yemeni Government six times in the past, murdering hundreds of soldiers and wounding others?  Do we then seriously expect them to uphold the regulations set by Al-Islaam in obeying the Muslim Ruler or are we really this naïve???    

“At the beginning of November, armed tribesmen from Amran governorate rallied support for the Dammaj-based Salafis and opened a fighting front with the Houthis in the Kitaf area, resulting in dozens of deaths and injuries.”
This is the perfect example of a bias report.  The truth of the matter on the other hand, is that after Shaykh Yahya bin al-Hajoori repeatedly beseeched the Yemeni Government to intervene in order for them to cease the oppressive siege which was forced upon them by the houthis and for the fighting to be brought to a halt.  However, when there was no progressive response from them and the criminality and brutality of the houthis increased the Shaykh turned towards the tribesmen as well as others for help.  As a result a number of people gathered in Kitaf region in an attempt to cease the transgressions of the houthis.  What should also be brought into consideration is that this war was started by the houthis, similar to every other war they have fought for years now. Rather the houthis have even been accused of sending fighters to Syria to help their Shia brethren. The houthis should be considered as a “war machine.”
“As the fighting escalated, pro-Salafi men in Hajja governorate blocked the road connecting Sa’ada governorate with Harad city, near the Saudi border. The road obstruction caused price hikes in oil, diesel and food commodities.”
These commendable men were only fulfilling their obligation as Muslims to their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.  It also is quite interesting how this reporter totally overlooks the fact that this road obstruction was a result of the blockade that the houthis unjustly forced upon the residents of Dammaaj and a means in ending the unceasing bombardment of heavy weaponry of the houthis.  The reporter further states that there are price hikes in diesel and food commodities which were a result of this road obstruction, my question to him is where is your mentioning of the food commodities, oil and diesel in Dammaaj which are almost non-existent to the extent that people are unable to purchase a bottle of water or milk for their children in Dammaaj due to the oppressive siege that the houthis have forced upon the people.  Where is your justice???

There are reportedly more than 12,000 people studying Islamic theology in the Dar Al-Hadith Center in Dammaj. Students attending are accused of doing the majority of the fighting against the Houthis in the area. 
The center known as Daarul-Hadeeth in Dammaaj was founded for the teaching of the Quran and Sunnah upon the understanding of the pious predecessors, who are the Companions of the Messenger –sallaahu alahi wa salam- and the two generations of people of followed them in goodness.  Therefore, this is what is taught and studied in this blessed center and not Islamic theology. As for reporters claim of students fighting in the area, then this is yet another example of his distortion reality. These students are residents of Dammaaj who have come to this center to study.  However, they were oppressed, persecuted and murdered by the houthis they were forced to defend themselves, their families, their homes and more importantly their religion.  Therefore, the reality is that the houthis are doing the fighting in the area and these students are defending themselves and it is not from justice to distort reality and make things seem as though these students chose to fight against the houthis from their own will and accord without any reason!  Is it then totally unjust and in fact oppressive to label a person a militant, extremist, etc. when he is defending himself and others from being attacked? This is certainly one of the most unjust statements made by reporters. 

“The mission of the ICRC is to transfer the injured from Dammaj and hand them over to the local authorities in Sa’ada governorate,” he said. “The ICRC is not concerned about how, when and where they will be treated.”
The ICRC in fact agreed to take them to Sana’a instead of Sa’dah.  I remind this reporter that the residents of Dammaaj are under attack by the houthis!  Therefore, why in the world would they allow their injured to be taken to Sa’dah an area totally under the control by houthis?  Who knows what they may do to them! 

“The ICRC calls on the conflicting sides to allow the entrance of aid to Dammaj and transfer of serious injuries to specialized hospitals,”
The ICRC are well aware of the reality of this siege and know that we have no reason or even any means in preventing from entering Dammaaj to carry the wounded the them in anyway. Why would we prevent them in our condition??? 

The Salafis refused an offer in mid-Novermber to receive food aid from Sa’ada governor, Faris Mana’a.
Faris Mana’a is a well-known criminal who was illegitimately been made the governor of Sa’dah by the houthis and NOT by the Yemeni government.  For this reason, his governorship is unlawful to begin with.  It is also known that he has been supporting the houthis in this war of theirs against Dammaaj as well as the previous one.  From the statements which have been attributed to him in this war is that he said the houthis shall enter Dammaaj within three days.  The beginning to these three days was commenced with a missile which was launched by the houthis at the residents of Dammaaj just after dawn and was followed with the firing of tanks, missiles, mortar shells, anti-aircraft guns and so on at the students. This ended in the killing and wounding of hundreds of innocent people.  So is this type of criminal to be trusted and his food be excepted?!   

“Our ego is bigger than submission or taking aid from Mana’a,” a local Salafi, who asked not to be named told the Yemen Times.
Who knows who this individual is?  He could have been a reporter claiming he is a Salafi in order for this type of falsehood to be bought by the naïve.  This affair is not about ego in the least rather it is far beyond mere egoism.  Faris Mana’a has clearly proven himself to be treacherous by aiding and supporting the houthis against the residents of Dammaaj.  For this reason he is not to be trusted nor should anything be accepted from him up until he ceases his wrenched politics and makes rectification of his errors which have caused the death of many from the innocent.

“In March 2011, when the Houthis took control of Sa’ada governorate, local people appointed Mana’a as the governor. At the time, the then governor who was stationed in the government fled to Sana’a.”
It has previously been mentioned that that the governorship of Faris Mana’a is an illegitimate one.  The reason behind this is that houthis –at the time- after taking control of the area by criminal force appointed their cohort Faris Mana’a themselves as the governor.  The reporter should have also mentioned that this was the reason behind the previous governor fleeing to Sana’a.

“Though the Dammaj locals have one meal a day, they will not take the aid that Mana’a is offering in order to manipulate the public,” the Salafi source added.
Point in fact. Meaning Faris Mana’a is attempting to manipulate the public into thinking he’s trying to assist the people in Dammaaj while he is one of the main reasons behind this siege and attacks that have been going on in the region.  Not to mention that the food which he sent was not enough for everyone in Dammaaj and the houthis obstructed the vehicle which was carry the food and took what they seen to be useful for themselves before allowing it to enter in the area.

It is quite apparent that the title of the article indicates one thing and what the reporter is insinuating is something different which is in opposition to reality of the current affairs here in Dammaaj.  After reading these lines it becomes seems that the reporter is attempting to place the blame for the lack of shelter, food and medicine upon the residents of Dammaaj themselves.  If this is the case than this is a great oppression and injustice upon the residents of Dammaaj being terrorized for over 2 months now and to the reader who seeks the truth.  We call the author of this article to value the integrity of being a Muslim reporter and read this response by way he may rectify his errors-may Allah give him success-, and to the repent to the Creator Allah –the All-Mighty- from this action of his in this life before he meets his Allah with this grave error.


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