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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Update 11 Safr 1435h: Strange Silence

By the mercy of Allah no one was hurt from the attack from the houthis on the Main Mosque yesterday. It seems as if they were targeting the kitchen that’s for preparing the daily meals for mostly the single students or the emergency shelter for the women and children. There are different reports some say it was a rocket from a Katyusha, some say it was a 100mm Howitzer cannon. Consecutively they shot 37mm antiaircraft artillery, and a 120mm Mortar Shell. Afterwards the houthis continued their assault on the Mosque and the surrounding area especially during the time of the prayer where the houthis know that large numbers of people are making their way to the Mosque.

Today is just like any other day of this siege and attack of the houthis especially these last few days where the houthis are shooting randomly their standard array of weaponry (heavy, medium, and light) at the Masjid, homes, and general walkways. They are still preventing the ICRC from entering Dammaaj to help the injured. This is not is not a strange act from the houthis as we have seen in this siege and attack on us for over 2 months now they have the ability to be very immoral and wicked in their actions. What is strange is the complete silence of the international community upon the terrorist acts of the houthis only except a few.


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