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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Update 26 Safr 1435h: Another Committee arrives

Day 82:

Today seemed to be a better day. A committee of tribesmen from Dhammaar arrived in Sa'dah a few days ago with about 400 of their men. A group from them came to Dammaaj today and there were some arrangements discussed. The committee said they would attempt to implement a cease-fire, transport the injured students, enter food, and try to open up the roads. They requested Sheikh Yahyaa to form a committee made up of four individuals to negotiate cease-fire terms. Sheikh Yahyaa said he sees good from this new committee. 

After the ‘Ishaa prayer the houthis shelled near the exit of the masjid at the time of people leaving, then afterwards near the emergency shelter for the women and children. As we mentioned before we have seen some of the most vile and disgraceful acts any of us have ever seen. But some say otherwise regarding the houthis.

There is word that the houthis have been preparing for a big heavy artillery attack. We can see some new structures built in the surrounding areas. As this has become the way of our lives here now waiting on the houthis to attack us. For indeed, we do not have the ability to initiate any kind of offensive attack. Delegates from Dammaaj are trying, as they have since the beginning of this wicked act of the houthis, to encourage the government, their affiliates, the tribes, etc. to intercede and prevent further unnecessary bloodshed.  

It should be understood that if the Yemeni Government wants to shut down Daarul Hadeeth Dammaaj we say as Sheikh Muqbil said before all the President would have to say is close the institute. Without spilling the blood of the Muslims. We find contentment in following what the Qur’aan and the Sunnah orders to (i.e. obeying the Ruler).

For the last three nights we have heard  a plane flying over us. We can only assume that it is our same white plane.


Anonymous said...

ALLAH help will come very soon.keep asking duwa weapon of the believer .These white plane are weapon of shythan.

Abu Adnaan said...

May Allaah protect you all and destroy the enemies of Islam.

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