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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Update 27, 28 Safr 1435h: houthis destroy Masjid in Kitaaf

Day 83 (yesterday):

                            ﭿﮀ                            ﮈﮉ                       البقرة: ١١٤

And who are more unjust than those who forbid that the Name of Allah be glorified and mentioned much (i.e. prayers and invocations) in the Masaajid of Allah and strive for their ruin? It was not fitting that such should themselves enter them (the Masaajid of Allah) except in fear. For them there is disgrace in this world, and they will have a great torment in the Hereafter. {2.114}

This is the aftermath of the attack on the institute in Kitaaf after Sheikh Jameel and the students were able to retreat. Listen as the houthis shout their slogan"Death to America…" while they destroy the Masjid. As we mentioned before, this clearly shows the heretical houthis war upon Al-Islaam and the Muslims. 

Day 84 (today):

The houthis have begun yet another heavy assault on Dammaaj. It started today at 5p.m. We ask Allah to make us firm.


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