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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Update 29 Safr 1435h: houthis answer Presidents recent demand for a cease fire with an attack on Dammaaj

Day 85 (yesterday):

-The attack of the houthis left 2 students martyred and approximately 14 wounded.  Since the beginning of this atrocity the houthis have been on the attack day and night.  While they continuously launch mortar shells, use tank and cannon artillery their foot  soldiers launch  dozens and dozens of grenades at a time and fire bazookas projectiles.  Its very difficult to make distinction of the artillery the houthi use during their attacks  due to the vast amounts being used at one time. 

-The houthis still continue to totally deny entry into Dammaaj from anyone of the  various committees and human rights organizations. What is frightening  is the silent  sanction which we see nationally as well as international. There is no way that the  committees(sometimes commissioned by the Yemeni Government) and these well  established organizations should tolerate this type insubordination from the houthis. 

-We ask the reader to excuse us for our short comings in this blog due to the severity  of the circumstances. We ask the reader to be patient as we are not journalist. We are  students of knowledge. We only seek to present information about this siege and  attack on us from those who have first-hand knowledge. 


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