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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Update: the houthi War Criminals deny Officials access to Dammaj again

The houthi program is the same today as every other day (constant sniping at anyone they see, machine gun fire, anti-aircraft artillery firing and occasional explosions from heavy artillery). Yesterday the General People’s Committee came to bring food and supplies for the 15000 or more inhabitants of Dammaaj. The houthis denied entry of natural gas (for cooking) and medical supplies much needed especially for those who are in critical condition who are in dire need of oxygen. They only allowed some food and it was said they took the rest of the convoy as they had done before in the first siege. They also forbidden the ICRC to remove the injured (one of them being Abu Talhaa who the students are still pumping air into his lungs for the fifth day now).

So far there are 155 murdered students: 18 of them children, 3 women, and 4 of old age, There are 405 injured: 46 of them children, and 4 women. Seven Mosques have been subjected to shelling and constant machine gun fire in which for the most part the daily prayers have been discontinued in them because of the danger and damage. There are more than 300 houses of the students damaged either entirely or partially.


AHP said...

As'Salamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

May Allaah make it easy upon you brothers and sisters over there and to all the Muslims abroad. Allahuma Aameen!!!

Tawheed Abu Abdillah Abdush Shakur

Farhan Ali Khan said...

Assalamalaikum brother! Is there any way we can help our brothers and sisters in dammaj?

English Speaking Students Daarul Hadeeth Dammaaj said...

The Muslims should be praying Qunoot An-Naazilah in all their prayers and making dua to the One that can truly help us and the rest of the Muslims under terrorism in this day and time.

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