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Friday, December 06, 2013

Update: Miraculously Abu Talhaa is moving, Allahu Akbar!!!

Last night and the day before abdur Rahman start moving his arms. He even lifted up his arm at one time and balled up his fist real tight. The doctors say they have never seen something like this in there career. In the beginning everyone was wondering why these group of brothers were pumping air in this dead body. One of his family members said with full compassion; "I will never leave (abandon) him." The brothers are still pumping night and day 24 hours a day, may Allah reward them. From the Creed of the Muslim is that we believe in the Miracles of The All-Mighty upon His righteous protectors of the Deen. The other brother Khaalid Al-Abyaani that was hot the same day as abdur Rahman has also started to respond. They both were pronounced to be in a comma.

Also last night there were intense attacks from the houthis as someone from them was speaking on a loud speaker.


Nisar Ahmed said...

Lailahillallah allahuakber make dua for speedy recavary

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