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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Update 3 Rabee' Awwal 1435h: Main Masjid attacked again

Day 88:

Right now at the Adhaan for the Maghrib Prayer the houthis are shooting what sounds like a tank or big cannon at the Masjid or the area around the Masjid and are firing various machine gun fire vigorously. This is a demonic trait of the houthis that has been recognized during this war and siege. Originally known in Al-Islaam as the trait of the Devils (Shayaateen) when they hear the call to prayer (i.e. they get very agitated when hear the call to prayer). May Allah the Protector safe guard those Muslims who are in and around the Masjid. 

This morning just before the morning prayer (approximately 5:30a.m.) our brother Usaamah Al-Lahji was martyred by houthi sniper fire. At that time it was dark outside so it is suspected that the sniper was using night vision.

A few days ago the houthi group was responsible for the murder of two innocent men in Sa’dah. All because they refused to give their money in charity (Al-Khums i.e. one fifth) to the houthi terrorist organization. They distort what is intended in Al-Islaam regarding Al-Khums and use it as a form of extortion in the name of religion.This way is found generally amongst the various sects of the Shia’. 
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