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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Update 4 Rabee' Al-Awwal 1435h: Peace and Human Rights wait on the insubordination of the Malignant Raafidhah (houthis)

Day 89:

By the Mercy of Allah no one was hurt in the attack on the Masjid yesterday, but the area near the emergency shelter for the women and children was hit.

The truck load of supplies that came 2 days ago has yet to enter into us. The houthis fires at anyone trying to unload the supplies. The truck sits a short distance away from the Markaz in an open area.

The Government said the military will come tomorrow to enforce the cease-fire. The houthis apparently are still refusing to sign the agreement that has already been signed by Sheikh Yahyaa.

Today the houthis rejected entry into Dammaaj of the present committee and the ICRC.

Also today the houthis shot tenaciously at various areas and homes with their 23 and 37mm anti-aircraft guns. Keep in mind this type of artillery is used to take down a plane. For the last 3 months or so they have been these guns to snipe at human beings.

The Government has warned the houthis to cease their wars going on in Yemen, The houthis just opened yet another war in a province called Arhab which is near the capitol San’aa. The houthis are fighting at least four other wars in Yemen all at one time: Haashid, Jawf, Hardh and Dammaaj. Those who describe the houthis as turning political and they have a constructive role in Yemen couldn’t be more wrong. The houthis are literally tearing Yemen apart from the inside with their constant wars. We ask Allah to give the Yemeni Government tawfeeq (success) to do what is obligatory upon them.


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